Kana Labs 1


Kana Labs 1

Swap, stake, lend, borrow, and earn seamlessly across multiple ecosystems

Kana Labs is a cross-chain bridge aggregator that caters to all key DeFi needs across multiple networks. Users can swap, stake, farm, lend, borrow, and more in a single multi-chain.



Whitelist: No
Registerd Country: India
Registered Date: November 10, 2021


Token Destribution:

20% - Ecosystem 20% - Team and Advisors 28% - Investors 17% - Partners and Marketing 2% - Liquidity of the Ecosystem 13% - Staking and Rewards


What is Kana Labs

Kana Labs is a platform that seeks to resolve the problem of a multi-chain web3 ecosystem and a cross-chain world where the networks do not talk to each other easily and those that do, do so in a very slow, costly, inefficient manner. We aim to achieve this by building a network of aggregated bridges which will serve as the core platform on top of which multiple chains can be integrated and this would provide an ecosystem for users and dapps to thrive on the platform in a seamless, easy manner across different chains by bringing in additional liquidity and better UX for all .

  • Cross-Chain Transactions - Retail users can make use of our complemantary product suite to make cross-chain transactions and also swap/stake/yield-farm/lend/borrow as well. The cross-chain functionality will be hidden away from the user to make it a seamless and intuitive UX for the users.
  • Additional Users and Liquidity - By integrating multiple networks on top of our underlying layer of bridges, Kana Labs would be able to source liquidity and users from all these networks. This can then be tapped upon by networks as well as dapps who want to grow their userbase and also add on to their use-cases as well.
  • Build Cross-Chain Dapps - Dapps that want to go cross-chain would be able to easily and quickly build on our underlying multi-chain core and for this, they can make use of our simple SDK to access multiple functionality across multiple chains. The developers would not need to learn complex functionality or core blockchain programming for multiple chains as all this would be abstracted away by our SDK.

Team Member



Till June 2022

  • Launch of Solana Wallet
  • Jupiter Aggregator integration for Swaps
  • Marinade Finance integration for Staking
  • Introducing “Turbo” feature – Combining “Solana Octane” with Jupiter Aggregator to provide gasless transactions for swaps. (negating the need for paying transaction fees in SOL tokens and instead paying fees in the same token in which transactions are made)
  • Launch of history feature
  • Launch of Neon EVM Wallet
  • Becoming the official wallet app for Neon EVM

July to Aug 2022

  • Integration of multiple Solana ecosystem dApps — Orca, Lifinity, Raydium, Mercurial, Port Finance and Jet protocol
  • Launch of Kana Labs proprietary aggregation engine for swaps
  • Launch of Kana Labs proprietary aggregation engine for Lend and Borrow

Oct 2022

  • Launch of Aptos Wallet in our mobile App platform
  • Onboard Houston swap from the Aptos ecosystem to our Aptos aggregator engine
  • Launch of proprietary aggregation engine for Aptos Swaps (to be used by third-party apps and platforms) (Testnet only)
  • Launch of Kana Labs web app DeFi platform — becoming a multi-platform DeFi super app
  • Adding support for more third-party wallets to our web app tool — Bit Keep, Fewcha, Pontem and Martian
  • Launch Aptos Testnet swaps in the web app tool
  • Integrate with the Pontem network and Aptoswap from the Aptos ecosystem into our aggregation engine

Nov 2022

  • Launch Aptos Mainnet swap in the web app tool and go live on the Aptos aggregation engine for both Testnet and Mainnet operations.
  • Onboard Pancake swap from the Aptos ecosystem to our Aptos aggregator engine
  • Separate web app tool for Testnet & Mainnet transactions
  • One of the few players in the market to provide Testnet and Mainnet transaction support across all supported blockchains in both mobile and desktop platforms

Dec 2022

  • Launch of cross-chain swap between Solana and Aptos
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